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Kaju-Bujutsu Kai
Adult Courses

Adult instruction in the art of Kaju-Bujutsu Kai is available to students of (approximately) 13 years of age and upward. 


(The instructors retain the right to delay any student's entry into this course should he or she prove unready for its curricular content or class environment.)

The Adult Kaju-Bujutsu Kai instructional program is divided into several course cycles, each of which emphasizes a different aspect of the art, with the most immediately applicable, and effective techniques arranged so that they are taught earliest in order to equip an "adult" person with the ability to affect his or her own defense in the most efficient manner possible.

  • The Fundamentals of Defense: The cycle that takes a committed student from the first rank to the second is entitled "The Fundamentals of Defense."  This class emphasizes engaging an aggressor and taking the fight to the ground, where the goal will be to exhaust and then disable that person, assuming the defender has assessed the situation to be severely dire.  There will be a great deal of close-body contact in all of our classes, and especially so during this course; students must be prepared for this kind of interaction with their partners, irrespective of size or level of physical fitness.  Using leverage and sound strategy, students will be equipped with the skills to overcome an unskilled, unarmed attacker, even in the event of a great size and strength disparity.  ​​

  • The Widening Sphere:  Available only to our students with one stripe or higher, the Nikyu Cycle is entitled "The Widening Sphere" because it is the martial artist's entry into a wider world of technique and understanding.  The first cycle concerns itself with preparing for defense against an untrained attacker; the second cycle considers the broader strategies and implications of facing a trained fighter.  Building on the techniques and principles of The Fundamentals of Defense course, The Widening Sphere course teaches an expanded set of techniques along with the theory behind their execution.