Little Koi Program

The Little Koi Program accepts students from ages 4 to 6, the Pre-Operational stage of child development.

Because our Little Koi are not yet ready to learn an actual martial art, our instructors will guide them in games that emphasize holistic development of body, mind and spirit.

  • BODY: Every one of the Little Koi games will emphasize the development of their gross motor skills, such as footwork and eye-hand coordination.  The goal is to help them be comfortable in their own bodies, and in better control of their larger muscle groups.

  • MIND: We also emphasize learning and thinking in our games.  That learning may be based on applying a game-winning strategy, on recognition of numbers, letters or colors. We want our Little Koi to be better prepared for the world (and school!) by learning how to learn.

  • SPIRIT: Our Little Koi are certain to come to class while struggling somewhere in their emotional lives.  Perhaps they are prone to fits of crying, or of acting out when their desires are not met.  We intend to help our students develop emotionally by providing them with acceptable outlets for the feelings, and realistic solutions that can help them manage those feelings.  We will play a single competitive game per class, knowing that disappointment will be a necessary result of these games; we will use that opportunity to help our Little Koi learn to manage disappointment, and the accompanying feelings of frustration, hurt and anger that are sure to follow.

Classes for the Little Koi Program will be sold in lots of eight at $55, with a $5 discount for each additional lot of eight classes purchased at a single time.  A new student may sample our classes, with two free lessons available upon his or her parent's receipt of a membership card.

The children of military personnel (active or retired) and first responders (Law Enforcement, Fire Department, EMS, Dispatch) will receive a $5 discount up front on each lot of classes purchased.

NOTE: Class credits, once purchased and loaded into a membership account, DO NOT EXPIRE.  Classes purchased in one program MAY NOT BE TRANSFERRED into credits for a different program.

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