Statement of Purpose

Here at Chouwa No Uchi Dojo Martial Arts Academy, we believe the Budo (Martial Ways) exist for the students, and that all we who practice them are students.


As such, a commitment to the edification of our students’ bodies, minds and spirits is our central purpose.  We seek to provide a training program and space for any student who wishes to explore the Budo in a friendly, respectful and earnest environment.  The instructors are students as well, in that their pursuit of the Martial Way is a lifelong one, but also must act as guides, facilitators and guardians of the Dojo and its culture because it is the garden in which we all grow.


We take the combative aspect of our particular art very seriously, and we seek to empower the student, from the earliest stages, with skills that are immediately applicable in the event of an unarmed confrontation or assault.  We seek to provide a space where such training, inherently dangerous as it is, may be conducted in a way that is both honest and safe— that is to say, reducing risk to acceptable levels during practice, while testing the techniques and strategies of the art under rigorous conditions that will best prepare the student for the chaotic, unpredictable nature of an actual street-level confrontation.

Philosophy of Application

Here at CNUDojo Martial Arts Academy, we take our philosophy of application seriously because we teach efficient, destructive martial techniques. 

They are not toys, but tools, accessed ONLY in desperate need, or in training.  A student who consistently violates this principle will no longer be welcome in our Dojo.

We encourage all students to pursue conflict resolution strategies (which we teach) in the event of a verbal confrontation and to seek help from the authorities as a first response, whenever possible.  But when a student is forced into violence, we know that we have trained them to confront the aggressor.

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