What is Kaju-Bujutsu Kai?

Kaju-Bujutsu Kai is a blended martial art whose roots can be traced back to those that led to the establishment of American Kenpo and Kajukenbo.  It incorporates elements of Judo, Jiu-Jutsu, Karate, Wing-Chun Gung Fu, Western Boxing, and others in order to allow the student to, over time, build a personal strategy and style out of a deep toolbox of stress-tested technique.

The goal of Kaju-Bujutsu kai, as we teach it, is the defense of self and others against aggression when hand-to-hand combat is the only recourse.  We make no claims about having mystical powers, or the ability to teach a person to "take all comers" by using secret or esoteric techniques that have been "handed down through the generations."  We teach people to keep safe, first, and to fight when the situation demands it.

The art is not a monolith, and ought not to remain stagnant.  It should grow, change and evolve over time as new knowledge is explored.  If a student has trained KBK from another source, then it is likely that ours-- especially at the fundamentals level-- will be quite different in application and strategy, specifically because we are committed to being open-minded, and to bringing ourselves into a deeper understanding of the martial arts by the inclusion, extension and pruning of our own.  In other words, we bring in new technique where we find it to be sound; if it is found to be essential, we blend it in, and then teach it.  Where old technique, having been thoroughly tested and explored, is found to be ineffective or extraneous, we cut it from the cirriculum.

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