Youth KBK Program

The Youth KBK (Kaju-Bujutsu Kai) Program accepts students from the ages of 7 to (about) 12. 


(If a student or parents wished to remain enrolled in the youth program to the age of 13 or 14, say, for the purposes of achieving the rank of a youth-black-belt, he or she would probably be allowed to do so.)

The students in our Youth KBK Program are in their concrete-operational, or post-operational phases of childhood development.  They are ready, physically, mentally and emotionally, for the rigors of training in an actual martial art.


The Youth KBK Program is relatively formal in its structure, as we seek to invest our students with the quality of self-discipline and mutual respect.  Further, students will be expected to study and develop positive character traits over the course of their studies, accompanied by explicit instruction, in order to make them into more effective adults.

The martial aspect of the art is taught broadly in the Youth KBK Program, meaning that for each belt, students will develop skills in every parent art of KBK: Karate, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu and even some Wing-Chun Gung Fu.  The martial goal for the Youth KBK Program is to teach students how to confront violence in an effective manner, and using effective strategy, in order to help them control an aggressor, exhaust him or her, and then escape-- and that only when all other avenues of intervention have been exhausted.

We at Chouwa No Uchi Dojo Martial Arts Academy do not believe that bullying, or aggression-- be it physical, verbal or emotional-- will ever truly be eradicated from society.  We choose to teach our youth to value themselves, to set boundaries with others, and then to demand that those boundaries be respected from a position of power, rather than one of victimhood.

Classes for the Youth KBK Program will be sold in lots of eight at $55, with a $5 discount for each additional lot of eight classes purchased at a single time.  A new student may sample our classes, with two free lessons available upon his or her parent's receipt of a membership card before or after class-time.


The children of military personnel (active or retired) and first responders (Law Enforcement, Fire Department, EMS, Dispatch) will receive a $5 discount up front on each lot of classes purchased.

NOTE: Classes, once purchased and loaded into a membership account, DO NOT EXPIRE.  Class credits purchased for one of our programs MAY NOT TRANSFER to credits in a different program.

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