We at Chouwa No Uchi Dojo believe that all people have a right to establish reasonable boundaries with others, and then to enforce those boundaries when that necessity presents itself. 


In our discussions, we term people who intentionally violate the known boundaries of another person an "aggressor."  It is our belief that people who do not stand up to aggressors principally do so for one of two reasons: either (1) they fear that they cannot "win" in the encounter, should they initiate, or (2) they are so secure that they do not need to.

In our Dojo, our goal is to teach people how to enforce their boundaries, so that they need not fear the power of others, and to, ultimately, lead them to a place where they are so secure in their own power, that minor struggles are inconsequential.

TL;DR-- We teach people how to fight so that, in the end, they don't need to.


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