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CNUDojo Martial Arts academy was established to teach the martial arts to interested students in a strenuous,  but fun and safe environment.  Our greatest hope is that a student quickly relaxes during training, feeling at home, while still being pushed to grow through the rigors of good martial training.

Our criteria for an art to be taught out of our Dojo is simple: the purpose has to be authentic to the claim.

Our home-art, for example, is called Kaju-Bujtusu Kai (although we consider it more of an approach than a distinct art), and will be a permanent fixture in our dojo.  The study of KBK represents a broad study across the martial arts of the world, both Western and Eastern.  Our purpose is to empower the individual in crafting a personal strategy, or style with which to confront unarmed combat.  Our fundamentals course focuses almost entirely on practical self-defense against violent aggression by an untrained individual, while the advanced course explores confronting trained fighters.

We have also recently established a Boxing class, which aims to teach students the fundamentals of the Sweet Science.  The purpose, to teach a sport, matches the training methods.

We are unwilling to house training in any art whose claims do not match up to training methods that we consider to be authentic to those claims.  For example, we would not be willing to house a martial art that claims to be a self-defense art in which the students never engage in live sparring with the skills they are supposed to know.

On the other hand, if a martial art claims to be a sport, then we expect the coaches' training methods to achieve success in that arena.

Ultimately, CNUDojo Martial Arts Academy is a learning environment populated by competent teachers who seek to pass on their understanding, and to grow alongside their students, in the discipline of their choice.