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In our Youth Martial Arts Program, ages 7 to 13, are instructed in striking, throwing and ground grappling for the purposes of controlling and escaping from an aggressive person.

Additionally, our Youth are instructed in principles that teach them to stay safe and seek adult assistance if they are in an altercation.


Adult instruction in the martial arts is divided across three carefully-designed classes, beginning with the The Fundamentals of Defense Course.

Our adult students in the Fundamentals of Defense Course learn to control an aggressor, to disable him/her, and to escape through the art of Jiu-Jitsu. This class is offered on Mondays.

Our Judo class is offered on Tuesdays and focuses on throws and takedowns. This class also has elements of Wrestling and Muay-Thai.

Finally, on Thursdays, we offer our Striking Class. We train primarily in Karate, Boxing, and Muay-Thai in this class. We are not limited to these arts, though. You will see elements of others through-out the course.

We believe that when you invest in us, you should get everything you put in. That is why we do not charge a monthly fee. And upfront, you get 2 FREE CLASSES to check us out. We want to make sure we're a right fit for you.

Classes are sold in lots of eight for $65. We offer a $5 discount if you purchase 2+ lots at a single time. These classes will go into your account and the student only uses them when they attend. You do not lose what you pay for.

Families of military personnel (active or retired) and first responders (Law Enforcement, Fire Department, EMS, Dispatch) will receive a $5 discount up front on each lot of classes purchased.

Chouwa No Uchi Dojo
1607 Coggin Avenue 
Brownwood, Texas 76801 
Phone: 325-203-3491
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