Courses & Programs
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Little Koi

In our Little Koi Program, children between the ages of 4 and 6 participate in physical games and exercises in a martial arts environment.


The emphasis of this program is to develop our Little Koi's bodies in preparation for future martial-arts training, their minds for improved concentration and learning, and their spirits for more effective management of anger and frustration.

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Youth KBK

In our Youth KBK Program, our students of 7 to approximately 13 years of age will be instructed in a broad understanding of the martial arts, with strategic emphasis placed on the control of an aggressor, and eventual escape.

Additionally, our Youth will be instructed in principles of character development, so that they may be more effective adults who are less likely to engage in unwarranted violence.

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adult kbk

Adult instruction in the art of Kaju-Bujutsu Kai is divided across several carefully-designed course cycles, beginning with the Sankyu (Third Grade) Cycle: The Fundamentals of Defense.

Our adult students in the Fundamentals of Defense Course learn to control an aggressor, to disable him / her, and to escape against struggling opponents of greater physical size and strength.

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At the discretion of the individual instructors, private lessons may be arranged.

We highly recommend, however, participating in the group classes whenever possible, as practice against a varied group of opponents is conducive to the best understanding in the long-term.

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In our Boxing Basics Class, Coach Cooper Green trains students in the fundamental principles of the combat sport of boxing.

Students will work the basic punches, blocks, footwork, and head movement associated with the sport.

(Summer of 2021 only)

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the word
after the

Sensei Aaron Bowen leads a Bible study on Thursdays after the Fundamentals course.  If you are curious about the story of Christ, or already know something about the Scripture, please join us for a revealing study about the plan for the salvation of mankind taught from a perspective you may not have yet experienced.

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HollI Webster

Holli Webster is a certified 200Hr Yoga Teacher. Classes are for all levels and body types and typically include a Christian-based theme or motto to get you through the day- on and off the mat. Classes will be Tuesdays at 6:00 PM and Fridays at

12:30 PM. All classes are $10 and can be paid directly to Holli in cash or online!

If you have any questions, you may message Holli on her Facebook page Holli Webster Yoga.