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Required Uniforms and Gear
From Affordable to High Quality

Although all images are linked to a website where the item may be purchased, CNUDojo does not require any particular brand or color. 

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Youth KBK Program
Karate Gi

The thing to remember about youth gis and gear is that your child will most likely grow out of it quickly. We advise choosing an inexpensive brand because, most likely, it will do just fine.  We require a gi cut in the Japanese style (Karate, Judo or Jiu-Jitsu) with a Judo/Karate white belt, meaning that if you purchase a jiu-jitsu gi, you will likely need to purchase an appropriately-sized belt separately.

Jiu-Jitsu Gi

When it comes to sparring gear, gloves matter. That's why we only recommend the Revgear Youth Deluxe MMA Gloves. They have the best cushion for striking and an open hand for grappling.


For shin guards and helmets, it's best to get something with full-coverage.  We want to protect our kiddos as best we can, which is why mouth guards and athletic cups are also required for full-sparring.

Adults KBK Courses

A uniform is not required to attend the adult fundamentals course.  However, if a student wishes to advance through the ranks and into the advanced course, a gi and belt are required.  This should be a gi cut in the Japanese style (Karate, Judo and Jiu-Jitsu) with a Judo/Karate white belt that may have to be purchased separately.  NOTE: A karate-gi, being made of thinner material, will wear faster than a grappling (Judo / Jiu-Jitsu) gi.  It would also be wise to purchase a gi that has no embroidery or patches on the left lapel, as you will be required to sew our dojo patch onto that space.

Purchase of uniforms, gear and rashguards through the dojo helps pay the bills; if you can afford higher quality, your support would be greatly appreciated.  If you choose to go a cheaper route, no one will hold it against you.

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Although rashguards and spats are not required, we strongly recommend them. They can help keep you cool, and they create a barrier between you, others and the mat.


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For striking gear, we prefer hybrid gloves. This style of glove allows ideal cushion for striking and an open palm for grappling.  A regular MMA glove will be too stiff to safely practice sparring.

The style of helmet and shin guards, as long as reasonable, are up to you. A mouthguard is required for all sparring matches in which striking or standing grappling are a component.

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